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I am using Qt5.2.1 and I made a program to do some stuff. In it I added a radio button (named 'others') i want that when the user clicks this button a line edit pops up besides it and lets the user enter some stuff inside it. when the user clicks another radio button, this line edit goes away. Radio button and Display Widgets on qt4-designer | Qt Forum A Label ? A Text Edit ? When I connect a radio button to the Text Browser I can see some interesting slots under the Text Browser such as insertHtml or insertPlainText, but as soon as I select the signal clicked() on the radio button they disappear and I'm not even able to find them again. Radio button and if statements C++ | Qt Forum Radio button and if statements C++ Radio button and if statements C++. This topic has been deleted. ... I used the toggled option by right clicking on the radio button and followed go to slot, but it did not work thank you [1] : ... For me this sounds like a job for signals and slots, ...

Recommend:qt - Signal and Slot in Qt4 - not working. w to write a custom slot for a specific widget in the ui file. In my scenario, signal is not from the ui element. the below code produces an error while running: mainwindow.h #ifndef MAINWINDOW_H#define MAINWINDOW_H#include

Событие кнопки Clicked(). Сигналы и слоты - C++ Qt -… Создаю кнопку button, создаю сигнал. При нажатии должна срабатывать функция callDialog() которая выглядит следующим образомСлоты и сигналы Qt Может мне кто-нибудь подскажет или я не замечаю чего-то очевидного. В общем перейду к описанию...

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QRadioButton Class - Qt Whenever a button is switched on or off it emits the signal toggled(). Connect to this signal if you want to trigger an action each time the button changes state. Otherwise, use isChecked() to see if a particular button is selected. Just like QPushButton, a radio button can display text or a pixmap. Signals & Slots | Qt Core 5.12.3

QT5 Radio button signal not compatible with function, even

Signals and slots are used for communication between objects. The signals and slots mechanism is a central feature of Qt and probably the part that differs most from ... QRadioButton Class | Qt 4.8 QRadioButton Class. ... In a group of radio buttons only one radio button at a time can be checked; ... signal. Connect to this ... Qt Radio Button Example Tutorial | Programmer's Notes

widget.signal.connect(slot_function) Suppose if a function is to be called when a button is clicked. Here, the clicked signal is to be connected to a callable function. It can be achieved in any of the following two techniques − QtCore.QObject.connect(button, QtCore.SIGNAL(“clicked()”), slot_function) or. button.clicked.connect(slot_function)

Кнопка для вычисления QPushButton Button(&Base); Button.resize(100,30); Button.move(150,200); Button.setText("ВЫЧИСЛИТЬ"Макросы SIGNAL и SLOT устарели и лучше их не использовать (сложный синтаксис, при несовпадении типов жалуется в консоль). Qt Signals and Slots Qt Signals and Slots. Olivier Goart October 2013. About Me.Qt 4. Thread support QueuedConnection Meta type registration Several major internal changes Added6 connect(button3 , SIGNAL(clicked()), 7 this , SLOT(buttonClicked (3))); 9 connect(comboBox , SIGNAL(valueChanged... Qt 4.7: Signals & Slots | Документация Signals and slots are used for communication between objects. The signals and slots mechanism is a central feature of Qt and probably the part that differsMore generally, we want objects of any kind to be able to communicate with one another. For example, if a user clicks a Close button, we probably...